Lesson 1: Vocabulary

Madain mhath (good morning)

Feasgar math (good afternoon / evening)

Oidhche mhath (good night / farewell)

C`o thusa? (Who are you?)

Is mise Jessica (I’m Jessica)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/alba/foghlam/beag_air_bheag/quickfixes/ has the pronunciation

Ciamar a tha thu? (How are you?)

Tha mi sgith (I’m tired)

Tha mi tinn (I’m sick)

Tha mi fuar (I’m cold)

Tha mi fliuch (I’m wet)

Tha mi bl`ath (I’m warm)

Tha mi tollichte (I’m happy)

Tha mi gu math (I’m well)

C`o? (who?)

C`o `as? (from where?)

Tha mi `a Alba (I’m from Scotland)

Tha mi `a Sassain (I’m from England)

Tha mi as An Eadailt (I’m from Italy)


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