Lesson 2: Vocabulary

Click through to audio of most of these words

A bheil mi? (Am I?), tha mi (I am), chan eil mi (I’m not)

A bheil thu? (Are you?), tha thu (you are), chan eil thu (you aren’t)

A bheil e? (Is he?), tha e (he is), chan eil e (he isn’t)

A bheil i? (Is she?), tha i (she is), chan eil i (she isn’t)

A bheil sinn? (Are we?), tha sinn (we are), chan eil sinn (we aren’t)

A bheil sibh? (Are you?), tha sibh (you are), chan eil sibh (you aren’t)

A bheil iad? (Are they?), tha iad (they are), chan eil iad (they aren’t)

A bheil thu `a Alba? (Are you from Scotland?), Tha (I am), Chan eil (I’m not)

Agus thusa? (And you?)

Tha mi beagan sg`ith (I’m a little tired)

Tha seo simplidh (This is simple) (sheempli)

duilleag (page)

`a (from), as (from, when in front of ‘the’)

Tha e grod! (it’s rubbish!)

Tha e ochd (It’s 8 o’clock)

A’Ghearmailt (Germany) (uh juhruhmanaltch)

A’Ghreig (Greece)

Ach (but)

Ciamar a tha sibh fh`ein? Ciamar a tha thu fh`ein? (How are you yourself?)

Chan eil dona (not bad)

Can seo (say this)

Can sin (say that)

A-rithist (again)

Chan eil me a’tuigsinn (I don’t understand)

P`osda (married)

A bheil thu p`osda? (Are you married?) A bheil mi p`osda (I’m married), Chan eil mi p`osda (I’m not married)

Mise cuideachd (Me too) (mishe kudzok)











Beagan (a little)

D`e a’Gh`ailghlig a ath air? (How do you say that in Gaelic?) (Jay uk gyalick a ha air?)


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