Lesson 3: Vocabulary

puinnseanta! (poingshonta) – adj. freezing!

ceistean (kaysht-) – questions

ceist – question

an diugh (an jew) – today

a nochd – tonight

oiche – night

e deiseil? (e jayshall) – Ready?

Mo chreach ‘sa thainig! (mo chrek sa hanig) – For god’s sake!

Mo chreach! – Goodness!

Chan eil cat no cu agum – I haven’t got a cat or a dog

no – or

dh`a  (dzar) – 2

d`a + noun – 2 + add an ‘h’ e.g. d`a cheist, d`a ch`ar. BUT 12 – dh`a dheug (dzar dzeeyog)

‘s fh`earr G`aidhlig bhriste, na G`aidhlig ‘sa chiste (sharr Gaelic vrishtche, na Gaelic se heestche) – Broken Gaelic is better than Gaelic in a coffin

clann (clowng) – children

p`aisde (pastchure) – child

Sgudal! (skoodul) – Rubbish!

gu – to / until

dannsach (dohsuh or dohsuk) – dancing


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