Lesson 4: Reflection

So far I think I can…

…ask who someone is, and tell them who I am.

…ask and tell them about where I’m from and where I’m living now.

…ask and tell someone about how I am

…ask and answer questions about whether I have got various  things

…say the names of a few different places

…describe typical winter weather

The spelling is starting to make a bit more sense as well (although it is clearly still mental). I still can’t make enough noise in the back of my throat though.

The song we did tonight was really nice. I’m really keen to go to teh Gaelic singing night at Tollcross, but it’s on a Friday and I’m usually busy…

I listened to BBC Radio Gael on the way home – it was a lot of children singing songs very nicely, and one said a story but forgot the words hafl way through and there was embarrassing silnece. I could understand ‘agus’ (and) and the occasional number and place name.






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