Lesson 5: Vocabulary

ag iarraidh (adzeerig) – wanting / requesting (to drink/eat)

cupa ti le bainne (coopa tea le banye) – a cup of tea with milk

air – on

ag ol – drinking

le sin – with that

tha seo – this is

breatha (bree yah) – beautiful

brathair beag – little brother

trang – busy

an de – yesterday

a’ coimhead – seeing/watching/looking

a raoir – last night

a’dol dhachaich – going home

a nochd – tonight

a’ leughadh – reading

ag obair – working

a mareach – tomorrow

ag ‘ol – drinking

mor – big

beag – small

no – or

gu – to

bha mi ag obair – I was working

‘s beag orm TV (spec on me TV) – I hate TV!

‘s mor orm TV – I love TV!

gaol (girl) – love


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