What are you doing?

DE tha thu a’dEanamh? What are you doing?

Tha mi ag Ol. A bheil thu ag Ol uisge? Tha.

I’m drinking. Are you drinking water? Yes.

Tha mi ag ithe. A bheil thu ag ithe briosgaid? Chan eil.

I’m eating. Are you eating a biscuit? No.

Tha MAiri a’leughadh.  Tha i a’leughadh leabhar.

Mary is reading. She is reading a book.

Tha Iain a’sgriobhadh. Tha e a’sgriobhadh litir.

Iain is writing. He is writing a letter.

ag Ol = drinking

ag ithe = eating

a’leughadh = reading

a’sgriobhadh = writing

a’dEanamh = doing

ag Ol

uisge, bainne, uisge-beatha, sUgh orainds, fion dearg

water, milk, whisky, orange juice, red wine

ag ithe

briosgaid, cEic, iasg, cAise, aran , buntata, aran le cAise

biscuit, cake, fish, cheese, bread, potatoes, bread and cheese


leabhar, pAipear, cairt-bidhe

book, paper, menu


litir, Oran, sgeulachd

letter, song, story

Fun facts about Gaelic


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