1. A bheil brAthair beag agad?

2. A Bheil thu a’fuireach ann an DUn Eideann?

3. An robh thu trang an de?

4. An robh thu a’coimhead TV a raoir?

5. Am bi thu ag Ol cofaidh a nochd?

6. Am bi thu a’dol dhachaidh aignaoi a nochd?

7. An robh thu a’leughadh a raoir?

8. Am bi thu ag obair a mAireach?

9. An robh thu toilichte anns an sgoil?

1. Have you got a little brother?

2. Are you living in Edinburgh?

3. Were you busy today?

4. Did you watch Tv last night?

5. Will/Do you drink coffee at night?

6. Did you read last night?

8. Will you go to work tomorrow?

9. Were you happy at school?


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