An Toil Leat? Do you like…?

Like is with/at +pronoun = Le (-with/at) + pronoun

leam (lowm) – le + mi – with me

leat (let) – le + thu – with you

leis (laish) – le + e – with him

leatha (Leia) – le + i – with her

leinn (line) – le + sinn – with us

Leibh (laive) – le + sibh – with you

Leotha (lower) – le + iad – with them

An toil leat Gàidhlig?

An toil leat seinn?

An toil leat coiseachd anns an dùthaich?

An toil leat èisdeachd ri cèol?

An toil leat draibheadh?

An toil leatha bainne?

An toil leat tì le bainne?

An toil le cofaidh le siùcar?

An toil le danns?

An toil le fìon dearg?

An toil le aran geal?

An toil le aran donn?


A bheil?    Tha/Chan eil

An robh?   Bha / cha robh

An toil?   ‘S toil / cha toil

‘S toil le Holly bainne.


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