Campa nan Eilean: Catriona (translated)


Aois: còic deug                                                  Age: 15 yrs

Gruag fhada ruadh                                           Hair long red

Sùilean uaine                                                      Eyes green

Tha Catriona à Glaschu.                                Is Catriona from Glasgow.

‘S ann à Tiriodh a tha a h-athair.              Is in Tiree from is father

Tha a màthair à Peairt.                                 Is mother from Perth.

Tha Catriona ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig.  Is Catriona studying Gaelic.

Is toil leatha aodach snog.                           Is like at her ?clothes nice.

Tha Catriona glè àrd – coltach ri modail. Is Catriona very tall – like a model

Tha aon bhràthair aice.                                    Is one brother at her.

Tha bruidhinn gu lèor aig Catriona.             Is speaking plenty at Catriona.

Is toil leatha clann bheaga.                            Is like at her children little.


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