Campa nan Eilean: Paul

Pòl                                                 Paul

Aois: Ceithir deug                   Age: 14 yrs

Gruag ghoirid dhubh            Hair short dark

Sùilean gorma                        ??

Tha Pòl à Lunnain.                Is Paul from London.

Tha e glè ard.                           Is he very tall.

Tha e  math air snàmh.        Is he good at swimming.

Is toil leis a bhith a’coimhead an telebhisein.                  Is like at him ? watching tv.

Tha e glè math air ball-coise cuideachd.                            Is he very good at football too.

Is toil leis Spurs.                     Is like at him Spurs.

Is toil leis golf cuideachd.   Is like at him golf too.

Tha aon phiuthar agus aon bhràthair aige.                        Is one sister and one brother at him.

Tha Gàidhlig aig athair ach chan eil Gàidhlig aig a mhàthair idir.   Is Gaelic at father but is not Gaelic at mother ever.

Chòrd an Campa ris glè mhath .                                                 ? in Camp ? very good.


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